Visitor Control Module

Our Visitor Control software can transform your reception or concierge desk – replacing your existing paper-based log system. This is our streamlined and easy to use online visitor access control software, available as one of our modules. There’s no need to purchase a separate system for visitor controls, which can be a significant expense to a large-scale firm. With PremierOffice, it’s right there in the same portal as all your other administrative functions.

Visitor Control Features

Visitor control features can be adapted to your needs. Collect the information that your organization deems important and set up visitor tags with the details you want, such as their name, host’s name, destination within the facility and even visiting hours.

This simple online process accesses an online personnel database and stores all previous information for re-use.

Automatic alert emails can be sent to host employees upon arrival of their guests.

Online real-time data records and stores your visitor traffic data, such as arrival and departure time, entrance, exit location, visitor and host name and coordinates & more.

The system is compatible for disposable visitor passes with a time-sensitive bleed-through feature.

Securely stores all confidential visitor data via our cloud-based software. This beats the old method of sign-in log book.

Visitor Control Benefits


It can be easily configured to meet your internal business processes, whatever they may be.


Enables advanced registration of guest groups large and small. Sign-in is very quick at the time of arrival, leading to the avoidance of bottlenecking. Host employees and repeat visitors are already in the system and won’t need to have information input upon each visit. Badges are printed through the information that’s already present in the system.


Constant calls from reception is a thing of the past! Our software automatically initiates an alert email be sent to your host employee to inform them of their guest’s arrival.

Tracking and Reporting

Security or management can see who is on the premises at any given time from any location. With all the information collected online, issues, trends or unusual activity can be seen at a glance from your security at any location, and reports can be compiled quickly and printed.

Enhanced Security

Our software can assist your organization in times of an emergency or for general security purposes.

Data Protection

Visitors’ identity is no longer open to the public on sign-in logs, but rather stored securely for proprietary records.

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