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PremierOffice gives us clear visibility into what work is getting done, by whom, and when. The simple yet powerful platform allowed us to easily cross train our administrative staff and gain huge efficiencies. We now get much more work done faster, and with fewer people. The Visitor Control feature was critical in helping us achieve PCI DSS compliance. PremierOffice is an obvious choice if you’re looking for cost savings and improved service.

Dan Izokaitis, Toronto Star

PremierOffice was quickly adopted by our employees and had an immediate positive impact on our business.  We have integrated it into our internal onboarding process.  Internal communication in regard to print and copy requests as well as maintenance ones improved vastly and so did visibility into work in progress.  Most importantly, EY realized significant cost savings.  We are extremely happy with PremierOffice and couldn’t imagine work without it.

Viviane Brisson, Ernst & Young LLP

We moved to PremierOffice under a year ago, and we are very satisfied with the results.  Not only did they meet our very unique needs in terms of our complex chargeability, but with the benefit of software customization, with PremierOffice Shipping, we are able to have a courier system that makes sense for us.

Cynthia Barria, Dream