Request Work Modules

This is the easiest way to get work done. With PremierOffice – your personnel can generate and
follow all their administrative requests in one place and in one format.

With our seven (7) request work modules – get a file or document printed or scanned, request a courier or messenger service, retrieve, archive or file specific documents, initiate an internal pick-up from other parts of your facility, create a facilities or maintenance request, submit a request for IT support or order those needed bailiff services. They do it all!

Request Work Modules

Our copy/scan request automatically tracks costs and allows for the manipulation of retrievable and sortable data. Whether you want to manage expenses, track inventory, or project costs, the reports you need are instantly available when you need them.

These modules entail drop-down menu selections, check boxes and auto-fill fields on all request forms. We also provide an area which is flexible for inputting work order information, diagrams, images or whatever else may be necessary to thoroughly detail that job.

Our request work modules show you real-time status every step of the way. Your tasks can be followed on your “My Work” board, showing job assignee and coordinates and progress through completion. Management Boards are available to oversee departmental activity and highlight color-coded deadline status.

Our software consists of one single, online, cloud-based integrated platform for requesting work. We’ve moved past those bulky, dated, multi-format processes that work independently from one another.

Request work modules is readily accessible to all accredited staff members at all levels by simply logging in. Plus, our user-friendly modules can be accessed from any device at any time.

A comprehensive online personnel directory within the system recognizes users and internal service providers, displaying their coordinates on all work requests.

Request Work Benefits


Management can access data for volume/cost reports & more. It automates the cost accounting process. Work requests are stored and easily retrieved for accounting reports, usage reports or simply accessing historical information. Do simple searches and avoid going through file boxes and logbooks of past data and activity.

Streamlined & flexible

Request work modules are designed to simplify & ensure thoroughness, ultimately speeding up the ordering process. For those unique requisitions, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Tracking & Accountability

With our status boards, both departmental or individual, internal or remote users have many eyes on their jobs. Users, service providers and management see real-time status of everything. All issues of accountability and ownership are alleviated between the requester and the recipient.


Anyone can access the system and request work at any time. With weekends or working remotely, there’s no need to wait until Monday! We have one portal for everything, available to all employees at all levels.


Our internal directory makes it quicker and easier to place requisitions, as you’re no longer re-entering personal data each time. You will know exactly who and where everyone is located at all times. Emails can be sent automatically to the requester upon job completion.

The PremierOffice team is excited to show you the ins-and-outs of office-service automation. Contact us today to see your new way of doing business.