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Our powerful all-in-one shipping platform is used by many companies for local, national, global and e-commerce shipping services. We designed it so that any company, big or small, could manage all aspects of their shipping easily and quickly. Get a quote from all the big carriers and track all of your packages with this robust system. It can do it all, and it does it from just one single dashboard!

PremierShipping integrates with all the big overnight carriers, and in many cases, your local same-day provider. Imagine dealing with only one pickup, one invoice, one interface and completing waybill searches in a matter of seconds. We offer this popular little workhorse as a standalone software or as one of our PremierOffice modules. We can have your system up and running in no time!

PremierShipping Features

Our software integrates with all the major carriers (UPS, Fedex, Purolator, DHL, etc.).

PremierOffice obtains all pertinent shipping information for quotes, including available service types and prices for all of your shipments.

The system obtains real-time shipping status for all orders placed.

Addresses you use are saved to your address book for easy reuse and updating.

It keeps a history of all of shipping activity your company has carried out.

It is simple to install and use.

It can be associated with your own existing carrier accounts or with ours at PremierOffice.

PremierShipping Benefits

This platform eliminates the need to have multiple systems, printers, keyboards, etc. This allows you to free up valuable real-estate. Office space can now be used for more important work.

You can instantly compare shipping rates and services from all providers and choose the best option for you. You can save real time and money.

You can easily track and trace all your deliveries from a single site. Statuses from the major carriers are automatically updated to PremierOffice hourly. Email alerts can be sent with order completion details, including time and signature for all orders. Email information can be customized by each user from order to order.

Place repeat orders in seconds using the address book, eliminating the need to re-key information already stored. You can easily update, add or delete addresses.

Search and find historical information in seconds. Sort by department, address, cost centre, shipper, etc. Use this to generate valuable customizable management reports. You can also obtain periodic cost data from all carriers in a single report to upload into your accounting system, in CSV or any other format. Save yourself significant data handling time and effort.

Installs within minutes, with no implementation or transition headaches. Users are up and running, placing orders and tracking shipments immediately.

If you use our accounts, the substantial discounts provided will lead to significant cost savings. You are offered a wide assortment of services to choose from and a single point of contact for preferred customer service. A single end-of-day pick-up time is scheduled regardless of the carrier everyday.

 What Our Clients Are Saying

We have been using PremierShipping from QAMS for about a year now, it has improved efficiencies tremendously. Prior to PremierShipping we were using a vendor provided computer to ship out our packages so only one person was able to process our outgoing couriers. With PremierShipping having an on-line web based platform we are able to process packages from any computer in our office saving a ton of time.

We also save a ton of time tracking our packages. Prior to PremierShipping we would need to look up our internal delivery forms in order to find the tracking number then go to the courier’s website then enter the tracking number. Now we just log on to Easy Ship look for the package we sent and click on the tracking number which takes us directly to the couriers website and shows us its status, a huge time saver.

Before I use to receive invoices from our different courier companies which took time and money to process and pay, now I receive one invoice from QA and I’m done.

Thanks QA Courier

Anthony Scalisi
Gowling WLG

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