Meeting Room Booking Module

With PremierOffice – make way for improved communication and efficiency with our meeting room booking software. This tool leaves little room for scheduling errors as all departments connect via one software system. It’s a management tool that keeps everyone on the same page – allowing for seamless communication. With our Meeting Room Booking features – every aspect of your perfect meeting is right there – no detail spared.

Meeting Room Booking Features

Our Meeting Room Booking module can be customized specifically to meet your facility’s exact arrangement.

Precise details of each room are displayed – including the snapshot of the location, layout, seating capacity, equipment and whiteboards. Hover your mouse over each room to see!

A single screen gives you the real-time status of each room. At a click of a button, the calendar for each room appears.

A comprehensive online internal directory recognizes its users and has all their coordinates for traceability.

Online, web-based bookings can be easily integrated to upload to your Outlook calendar.

This is a user friendly system – the timeslot and room are selected by the click of a button.

Meeting Room Booking Benefits


Whatever your organizational needs may be, our developers will deliver! Add a catering section, photos or drawings of each room, directions or maps – any requirement can and will be considered.


Easily retrievable details of each conference room enable more informed workspace decisions.You can even include a drawing or photo of each room to alleviate potential booking errors.


The online screen provides real-time complete information about all meeting rooms, and who has which room booked. Viewing in real-time avoids double-bookings and other potential booking errors.

Recognition and Accountability

The integrated personnel directory enables you to limit accessibility to certain staff, levels or departments. Business rules can be set as to whom can use which room. Details on whom to contact in case of changing circumstances are given. Self-booking also ensures accountability of those that have booked your meeting rooms.


You can download all your bookings and instantly upload them to your Outlook calendar, helping you stay organized.


We have a comprehensive offering of drop-down menus, cell-highlighting, and check boxes. All questions asked are necessary for your perfect meeting and take but moments to select and gets things rolling.

The PremierOffice team is excited to show you the ins-and-outs of office-service automation. Contact us today to see your new way of doing business.