Logs and Manifests Module

The logs and manifest processes in any company are extensive and cumbersome. Our Logs & Manifests module can meet all your needs through our consultative assistance from our professional staff. Our highly flexible platform is designed to make the accessing and retrieval of files exceptionally easier for everyone.

Logs and Manifests Features

This is a truly customizable module to accommodate all your business centre needs.

You can keep logs and manifests of incoming and outgoing mail, registered mail, faxes, & intercity packages going between your organization & multiple sites etc.

Data collection and storage is all online – incoming packages and documents are easily scanned in and out. Anything requiring a signature gets virtually signed for by the recipient using a tablet.

Our software accesses the built-in comprehensive online internal directory, which recognizes its users.

Coordinators scan and upload everything into the system so you can see each step of your package’s travel. This is all followed online and is accessible for viewing as it goes through the system.

Logs & Manifest Benefits


It can be configured to meet your internal business processes. Management can set rules determining who can see certain logs & manifests. As a flexible system, it can always be modified in the future as the needs of your business adapt and change.

Data Accessibility

Data is easily uploaded and stored, then sorted into departmental reports. Sort your information by cost centre, department, activity or timeframes.


You can save money with time saving measures, such as scanning and automatically uploading codes, tags, signatures or anything else used for identification. Get rid of all your paper logs and expensive storage spaces!


With the online company directory, everyone’s coordinates are inherent to the system and don’t have to be input each time. You can even set-up your system to notify recipients of incoming important documents from other locations.


It shows the status of all incoming and outgoing items in real-time, and with all the information stored in the cloud, locating that letter is just a quick search from the comfort of your own desk.

The PremierOffice team is excited to show you the ins-and-outs of office-service automation. Contact us today to see your new way of doing business.